We released our first album in 2001 after a Fall 2000 marathon five-day recording session that resulted in most of the tracks on this album, followed by a year’s worth of editing, overdubbing and mixing, all at Toothless Monkey Music’s Portola Valley, CA studio.

An eclectic and fun romp through various genres.


  1. 1.Bitter Wind

  2. 2.Make Me Feel

  3. 3.Lose My Mind

  4. 4.Baltic Dungeon

  5. 5.Drink the Girl

  6. 6.Fertile Crescent

  7. 7.If You Relax

  8. 8.Arabic Ska

  9. 9.Fear of Love

  10. 10.Cat Ate Your Song

  11. 11.That’s All

Album Reviews

Review by Dennis Cook, Pauserecord.com

Soul Patch: Summers In Rangoon

Perhaps the details of Dr. Evil's life aren't so inconsequential after all. The cover of Soul Patch's album contains not one but two references to the scene in Austin Powers where the Evil one describes his childhood (a scene that legend holds was actually re-written by Carrie Fischer, who plays the therapist, after Mike Meyers asked her to be in the film). Inspiration has come from stranger places and there's so much off-handed charm to this album that the sheer silliness of their choice makes one want to make a meat helmet in their honor. Predominantly a Caucasian soul unit in the spirit, if not the mold, of Love Jones or the Average White Band but their layering & interplay of vocals puts them in the same neighborhood as Chocolate City period Parliament. There's also references to Eric Burdon & War amongst other funky touchstones. What really sets Soulpatch apart from their blue eyed soul brothers is an ability to croon like Leonard Cohen in spots and thoughtful, gorgeous slow burners like "Drink The Girl". While some of this feels a tad too familiar there's enough differences to keep me listening in the future. A fun, even a hella fun, record and that counts for a lot.

Review by SF Weekly, A.T.Serrao

Soul Patch:  Summers in Rangoon

Funky guitar licks, well-timed hooks, and quirky, Zappa-inspired lyrics stand out during the first listen of Summers in Rangoon. A second time through yields a more sophisticated and subtle result. Tempo changes, increasingly complex arrangements, and lengthy instrumental sections draw comparisons to the Allman Brothers and Mothers Milk-era Red Hot Chili Peppers. Recorded in a marathon five-day session, the record takes on the feel of a polished, live concert. Highlights include the swamp-funk anthem "Lose My Mind" and "Arabic Ska" (a surprising ska piece that epitomizes Soul Patch's penchant for risk-taking).


Luge Lessons, Anyone?


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